Who Am I?

I’m glad you bumped across my blog or maybe you came here on purpose. Either way I welcome you to my little space on the Internet.

You’re about to step into my incoherent world. What you’ll now read is a literary outcome of a hopelessly intrigued soul. Your mind will witness drunken catharsis, abstruse thoughts and scribbled words written from the purest corner of my heart.

I project my thoughts through what I write. It’s a life-sustaining activity for me as I’m a pretty recluse person. I like to be alone. Alone never really felt like a state of being for me, but rather a place where I could retreat to be who I really am.

Besides having a knack for all things wild and adventurous I also happen to love coffee and books. I’ve built a solid wall made of ice around my being which stretches for 300 miles and is about 700 feet tall and there are 5 people so far who’ve managed to climb it and meet my real, warmer and kinder self.

Don’t worry, I’m usually very nice on my blog, I like it here.

Oh and sometimes, I’m funny.

Facts about this blogger:

  • I love fireflies and fireworks and anything pertaining to light.
  • I’m very cogitative and observe a lot. I like to profile people. As in sit back and understand them by their behavior and body language. It’s fun.
  • I spend my leisurely hours listening to obscure Indie bands. Indie music is my favorite. 
  • I buy books like some women buy shoes.
  • I love storms and torrential rainfall.
  • Desperately want to escape into the fictional and fantasy world of books.
  • Have a long ‘Wish-List’ of seemingly bizarre things.
  • If you are a Lord of The Rings & Star Wars fan then you’re my best friend.
  • I’m a daydreamer and a night-thinker.
  • I like to collect things. I collect clothing tags, perfume bottles, stickers, pictures.
  • I have really loud thoughts that constantly bang the walls of my mind to escape. Sometimes it gets scary in there. That’s why I need to write.
  • I’m a 21 year old Indian.
  • Someday hope to have an extraordinary adventure like those characters in my favorite books.

And lastly, I love to write.

You are free to glide your way through this conundrum of thoughts that reside in my head. Who knows which thought may strike a chord?

Good luck and thank you for stopping by. Hope you enjoy your stay.

174 thoughts on “Who Am I?

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  2. I can’t believe I’ve been following you this long and I’ve never been on this page until today. Is that even possible? Cool. I have a question for you that has to do with a little something I’m working on in regards to current cultural trends. If you are actually a fan of either, which would you say you are a bigger fan of? “The Hunger Games” or “The Maze Runner”? And though this next question has nothing to do with my current work, I am curious, did you ever obtain a Minion of your own?

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    • My dear Mr. David,
      You’ve already been on this page before and as usual left a happy comment before. But that was earlier so you might have forgotten it. See the previous comments. 😀
      But I’m lucky to have this honor on my blog of you commenting for the second time. How serendipitous!

      Now to your questions, well I haven’t watched or read The Maze Runner although I’m quite aware it has a huge fanbase, BUT I do have both read and watched The Hunger Games and I can say the books are really enthralling and adventurous but I’m afraid I cannot say the same for the movies.

      Secondly, Google ‘Despicable Me’ and you’ll understand what I meant by a ‘minion.’ 🙂

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      • I actually have educated myself on what a “Minion” is, I was just curious if you ever fulfilled your earlier stated wish of owning one? As for the research I’ve been doing, so far The Hunger Games appear to be far more popular, but I’m not sure how much of that has to do with the fact that the movies have been around a little longer than The Maze Runner. I’ll have to give it some time and query a second batch of people. I do, however, thank you from the bottom of a truly grateful heart for taking the time to answer my silly questions. You are a princess of the third realm.


        • Unfortunately I haven’t. :/ I need a minion very badly now. A miniature one would suffice as well. I even scavenged markets here to find the right kind of minion but no luck till now. Gah!

          Indeed the Hunger Games is more popular.

          Please don’t thank me Mr. David. Like every other person who has had the privilege of interacting with you, I too love to talk to someone as humble as yourself.

          ‘Princess of the third realm!’ Oh my I love that name. 😀

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  3. Hi there! How’s it going! Umm…okay, I’ll quit the mysterious part. This is Stephen. We’re friends and I changed my account. I wasn’t on and maybe you should check your email since I emailed you why I changed it and what my new blog is about and all. Miss you and so sorry!

    Peace out! 🙂

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    • Oh heyyy, you’re back! 😀
      Yeah I noticed you were gone but didn’t bother you because I didn’t want to pester you again with all the unnecessary advices and stuff. 😛

      How are you? How’s college? Life? Everything? You?
      Wait, are you alive or am I speaking to your spirit? 😛


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  6. Hey ! I’m not sure if you remember me, but a very long time ago you advised me about being more active on my blog :p I’d just like to thank you for that. I stuck around, and i’m finally happy with the way my blog looks and feels, and what I post.
    Thanks a lot !

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    • Of course I remember you! Haha.

      Well congratulations! I am very happy you decided to work on your blog and gave it a go and that things worked out greatly for you. You have all my luck and best wishes.


  7. Hey! I just bumped into your blog and I must tell it is awe-inspiring….
    The way you weave your imaginations into words is beautiful…
    Even I love to read books and coincidently I am passionate about coffee….
    Loved your writing skills….

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  8. Aak, I think we could be twins separated at birth, by race, culture and age: :)) I too love books and bookshops – put me in a bookshop, library or anywhere that has books and I’m in paradise. I love fireflies, storms and torrential rain (but not when it leads to flooding of peoples homes and destroying everything they have worked for – that’s not nice), I collect stuff too: I was so glad when I saw that you collected clothing tags – I thought this was something best kept to myself. lol Love, Murr

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  9. Hello from a LotR fan!!
    I won’t say that I am a big fan of LotR, because then we will get into an “I am bigger, I am bigger.”
    I love reading, exploring and CREATING new worlds!!
    I am glad I found your blog! 🙂

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