The Ugly Truth IS …

Basically, I love movies. Period. I mean I always prefer books, but once in a while a visual presentation of a story is not bad either. So it was a lazy Sunday afternoon (well for me everyday is lazy-I’m a gigantic ball of sluggishness) and as I swapped channels clumsily as a formality to ultimately land on Vh1 like I always do, I stopped midway.

‘The Ugly Truth’
Male Lead: Gerrard Butler. I narrowed my eye brows and scowled a little;not a very big fan.
Female Lead: Katherine Heigl. I decided I should stick to the movie;really love that lady.

So the movie displays two sides to a relationship. Both from the pink and blue side. In a nutshell, the story is about this womanizer called Mike Chaddaway (Gerrard Butler) who brutally reveals the truth of relationships from a man’s point of view and has his own show called ‘The Ugly Truth.’

Meanwhile our female lead Abby (Katherine Heigl) is a control freak, really pretty, single and looking for the RIGHT GUY kind of a lady who is a television producer. She completely disagrees and tries to rebuke Mike by calling on his show and trying to prove him wrong and he nonchalantly tears her ‘Perfect Man’ checklist apart by claiming that she was either ugly that she hasn’t dated men or  that if she was by any chance attractive she should be out there breaking some poor guy’s heart (WOW) rather than glorifying men for being something they aren’t. (Mike knows his game people). 

Call it luck but they meet again and she’s producing Mike’s show this time and later as the movie proceeds he ends up falling for her, ironically demeaning his own principles and rules of a relationship.

All through the movie I found myself at various “What in the world of Christ!” moments. Mike says various things about the psyche of men that leave me quite flummoxed. Do men really only care about sex? If that’s the case then I really need to push myself more farther from men than I already have. The picture here is a funny and honestly a little awkward presentation of love. Women’s heart resides in their mind while men’s heart resides ..well ..


Mike Chadway: Rule #4:
Never talk about your problems ’cause men don’t really listen or care.
Abby Richter: Some men care!
Mike Chadway: No, some men pretend to care. When we ask how you’re doing, it’s just guy code for “let me stick my di*k in your a**”.
Abby Richter: OOH!
Mike Chadway: Oh, I know you think Colin is above it all, but trust me, he’s a guy. If he’s even remotely into you he’s probably thought about each one of your orifices at least ten times.
Abby Richter: I love how you assume all men are perverse as you are!
Mike Chadway: Oh, I don’t assume. I know.

Me: Whaaaaa?!  Is that the truth? Like seriously? What is troubling me badly is that I’m EXACTLY like Abby. I really believe men are way more than they’re thought of. I can only hope the above is not the truth and if it is; I’m up for some serious dubiousness.
Mike claims on his show that men are simple. Us women don’t have to go through a 10 step procedure to understand them. Men are from Mars women are from Venus-all this is crap. Fair enough. Now I’m not one of those ‘All men are a**holes’  kind of a girl; I really do respect men.
But a lot of things that Mike said also made a lot of sense. Men are visual. No one falls for your personality at first. Sad but true.

While 75% of women usually look for a capable, dependent, suave and a stable guy-men don’t really give a crap. This is a normal stereotype. But there are two sides to this story like every other story. At least I’d like to believe there are two sides. I personally think and have met men who actually look for a stable girl too. Not particularly a Victoria’s Secret Model (although they won’t reject that either) but to say that men ONLY care about your body would be-let’s face it-unfair.

So, sorry Mr. Stubborn and Arrogant Mike Chaddaway.

Anyway, I’m not an expert. The movie was like how a normal Rom-Com usually is-guy meets girl, guy hates girl, girl hates guy-later both of them fall for each other-HAPPY ENDING. Which is not true in most of the cases.

The Ugly Truth is- both the genders nowadays focus more on feeding their insatiable egos. Thus leaving their hearts starving. It’s usually  declared a two way thing, but it stumbles on one way in the initial stages and eventually falls apart. I won’t really recommend anyone to watch this movie-it was okay and it kinda scared  AND confused me.

Side Note- I should probably stop taking movies this seriously, shouldn’t I? 😛


15 thoughts on “The Ugly Truth IS …

  1. Hey – sorry for the TOTAL misunderstanding. I love it when people follow me, so I don’t even know how it go to that. I’m not saying you have to follow me or anything, but I just wanted to clear stuff up. 🙂


    • That’s okay. I kinda opened WordPress to actually follow you back. It was nothing but a confusion, no worries.

      That pretty much disentangles things. 🙂


        • I think your blog is perfect. You don’t need to change anything. Except just to revamp your About page a little. It should be a little more descriptive so as to ensure that the readers develop a bond or a connection with the author.

          That way, more people will relate to you and your words.

          Remember, the person who wrote the words is far more precious than the words themselves. 🙂
          Keep doing your thing! 🙂


  2. Hey!! magical writer,

    The only way to make any relationship go(blossom) is staying away from ego:))

    You(u) go
    We(v) go
    Will make everyone go
    Away from us.
    Let’s Leave ego behind.
    And be kind.
    Relationship will bind
    Keep that in mind.:))

    On the lighter side.. Let me fill in the blank.. 😛
    The ugly truth is “you take movies seriously”. :D:P
    You shouldn’t take them seriously writer:))

    Liked by 2 people

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