Let’s learn to Love

A long time back, I posted a short story bringing to light the hazardous and extremely atrocious results of bullying. I have known and spent time with people who are very very special and who have been treated unjustly and unfairly throughout their life. So last night while I was surfing the web I came across this heart-melting video, that is pretty viral these days. I don’t know if you people have had the fortune of watching it, if not then do take a look. It’s basically an advertisement, the language is German, but the message is human

The video not only portrays the life of an emo girl, but also the love of a father for her child, even if she is a little different. We see a girl pretty different from normal kids in PHYSICAL and MATERIAL aspects, we see she wears black, and loves gothic elements. She’s not one of those lollipops and candy canes, pink skirt, marshmallow sweetheart. She’s herself. Even if she loves black. So the society .. well .. has a little trouble accepting her. Because she prefers things that are not common.

I’ve been to high-school, and not a very long time ago so the memories are still fresh. Maybe people will say things have changed, it’s just the media that showcases schools that way, but believe you me, IT STILL HAPPENS. People always try to suppress the weak. Trying desperately hard to strengthen their insecurities by pulling down the people who have still managed to retain their kindness.

The reason I’m so sensitive to this topic is that it breaks my heart to see people alone, specially kids when they deserve to have as much fun as the other kids. I cannot endure the fact that a straight A student cries in the bathroom for being a ‘Geek’ or a girl is a ‘nerd’ because she doesn’t know what the latest fashion trends are.

It makes me incredibly sad to see all these PEOPLE constantly trying to present themselves as ‘Witty.’ Why do they always have to play the sarcastic douchebag? Why ALWAYS?

Where did the kindness go? Humanity, anyone? Why can’t people appreciate anymore? Why do they have to find negativities in EVERY-FRIKIN-THING? Why can’t people say,

“What a lovely piece of art you made there! You’ll go really far. I wish you all the very best!”

instead of,

“I bet Michelangelo has some issues! Duh! Looks like you’ve got too much time on hand!”

I try to calm down when I read such comments. It gets on my nerves. My only question is, why can’t people be nicer to each other? Why do they ALWAYS have to be mean? If more and more people start reading good books, or just stare at the starts every night instead of swarming their minds with social media, I bet the world would be a better place.

People would start seeing things differently. HOPEFULLY. Learn to accept and appreciate all kinds of human beings in this world. They’d offer their hands for friendship, maybe children like the girl in our video feel more loved or have more friends. With the alarming increase in the heavy dependence and addiction to android and apple, I can only hope their are humane people left.

That people say hello instead of sending friend requests, that people take a stroll in the park without their heads affixed towards a small screen and lastly, that people like our sweet little girl in the video feel loved and appreciated, not just by their families but by the society too. Let’s learn to love people. Let’s be kind to each other, smile and say thank you, say how grateful we are when someone does a favor, try to help those in need and lastly, learn to love and be nice to each and everyone around us, regardless of what they look, smell, prefer or wear.

We are humans, we were made with love and care, let’s not forget that.


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