Lang Leav.

A funny thing has happened to me. In this splendid afternoon, where I almost feel the sun penetrating my skin, I find myself tapping my keyboard. This might sound normal to you, but believe me when I say it is so not normal for me. I only happen to write at night. I prefer darkness. Not because darkness gives me a push-start to write negative things, but because I find peace and calm in darkness.

So the reason I’m writing this is not because of the afternoon, but because lately I’ve been obsessed with something or rather someone. You guessed it right, Lang Leav. I read her first piece of poetry while swiping though pictures at pinterest. I don’t just like her work, I’m OBSESSED with her poetry. My phone is currently overflowing with pieces of her work.

The thing that astonishes and overwhelms me is how she uses words. I know every author has his way with words. But Lang just does it magically. The thing is, she doesn’t use fancy words, that sound strange and new to the readers, she uses normal everyday words and joins them like puzzle pieces that have waited so long to be united with their other half.

I won’t call myself a romantic poet, although I’d like to, because I’m so moved by everything she has written so far. Each and every word is brimming with a romance and longing that is incorrigible. It’s amazing, almost deceptive.

I won’t keep this long, but Lang Leav is my new favorite poetess. I love her, I love her work, I love each and every word that slips out of her fingers. If only I could meet her one day.

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2 thoughts on “Lang Leav.

    • That’s the thing about Lang. There are many people I know who find reading and understanding poetry an arduous task, but Lang here does an excellent job in making people love and appreciate poetry more. 🙂

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