Forest Tale.

Foothills, rivers, mountains and streams,

I sit here cocooned under this leaf,

Drops of morning dew, fresh and sweet,

Loud crickets humming their constant creek.


I hear the sound of the breeze,

The smooth silk of the leaves,

Like polished wax it shimmers,

Drops of dew sliding with ease.


This leaf is soft,

My home my abode,

The lush forest by the side of the road,

There lives the human,

Cruel and gore.


As my eyelids slowly drooped to slumber,

I heard a sound loud like thunder,

Like something wavering me-through and through,

And before I even knew,



My tree smashed on the ground,

Buried under the creepers and bush,

I fell hard on the ground and a shadow was above me,

Huge and Cruel it smashed my tree,

Destroyed my home and my retreat,

Such is the human, vicious and free!


What are your thoughts?

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